Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Psychic Drains

This blog has been kicking around in my head for some time and comes from a term my dearly departed friend Kris Black used a lot: psychic drain. In short, anything that creates a negative, emotional drag on your life is a psychic drain.

Lately, I've had my share of psychic drains and most seem to be issues caused by simple misunderstandings. People don't read things they way they were meant to be taken and then overreact by "unfriending" or "blocking" the other person. I must say, when someone does this to me, it comes as a huge relief. That means I don't have to put up with any crap anymore. Lucky me!

For some reason, the Internet and social-networking sites in general seem to bring out the middle-schooler in people. I, for one, don't have time for such antics.

Here are two recent examples of my own psychic drains, courtesy of Facebook:

Today, one "friend" I've had since the 1990s blocked me and said he liked me better when I wasn't a "celebrity." He had posted something inane on my wall about a door being ajar. Excuse me for questioning why it was posted on my wall in the first place. Call me dense, but I didn't get it. If this guy wants to end a friendship over that, then fine, it wasn't a friendship in the first place. So, go on. Have a nice life without me.

Another recent psychic drain had to do with my youngest brother, who mistook the title of a birthday invitation my oldest son had set up for me. My son, who happens to love me, had planned a party to introduce me to some of his friends because he is proud of me. My youngest brother took the invitation as a slam against the family name and then told me and my two sons to "watch your backs!" Okey-dokey then. My turn to block.

People, life is too short for this crap. Excuse me if I don't engage in negativity and walk away from it. I know some people think they have won whatever "fight" there was, but I don't like to fight and if I have to, I choose my battles.

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