Thursday, June 21, 2012

Attitude Is Everything

I remarked to my fiancé this morning that I needed to blog about negativity because a lot of my friends have been in a bad place of late. Shortly thereafter, I got an email from a friend with the subject line: "positive thoughts and feelings." She had a quote from Maya Angelou that kicked off her message that said: "Don't bring negative to my door."

Do I hear an amen?

Pardon my French here, but afuckingmen!

Do not bring negativity to my door because I sure as hell am not going to open it and invite it inside. Lately, I've heard several people I know complain about what a sorry state their lives are in and how unhappy they are with the way things are. One even blocked me on Facebook because I happened to be in a happy place, which usually I am no matter how bad my life gets. In fact, when I see a status update where someone is whining and complaining, I will not comment on it because there is no sense in feeding that monster.

If you think negative, and hold a perpetual pity party for yourself, don't expect me to party with you. No thank you. Nobody but a hypochondriac likes or wants to be dragged down to a place where Paxil is the only answer, and I am no hypochondriac even though I've had health issues beyond my control.  

Nothing is a bigger buzz-kill than somebody in excellent physical health with a great job moaning about how downtrodden and pitiful their life is, especially when they are the ones who chose to get a fancy house with a big mortgage while I live in a small one, which I chose to buy so I wouldn't be saddled with a mortgage.

Yes, sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control, such as poor health, that will affect life and how we view it. I know, because I've been there, but being the eternal optimist I am, I've always looked at things as though the glass, the bowl, and the plate are half-full and everything is up from here. If you think positive, good things can and will happen, and they do. 

Hope is everything.

It is true that positive will attract negative, and vice versa, when we are dealing with the electromagnetic field. When it comes to people and life, positive attracts positive, and vice versa, because attitude is everything.

I learned a long time ago that only you can change things in your life. So if you don't like your life. Take the necessary steps to change it for the better. You will find that as your situation improves, so will your life and you will draw people who want to be around you.

Now quit your bitching, and buck up. Hear?

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